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learn why we are the premiere fsbo company while you still have time to save thousands:

Ethics is Our Middle Name 


What We Seek From You
Our rapidly expanding business requires the addition of personable realtors, real estate agents and   real estate brokers to our staff nationwide. You will not be required to travel, seek full-service listings or do showings. You can work out of your home and set your own hours. You will be required to maintain your license in good standing but your other expenses will be minimal. All you really need is a phone and a computer! We need dedicated and hard-working self-starters who have the desire, will-power and capability to reach their goals in the career they chose, the real estate profession. We abide by all fair housing laws and have very stringent ethical policies. If you have had a complaint filed against you in connection with your professional activities please do not bother to apply. We would suggest that you first review our Frequently Asked Questions so as to get a true feeling for who we are and what we stand for so that you fully understand how important ethics are to us.  
What We Offer You

Our entire business plan and operational technique has a proven track record. Though simple it is based on one overriding premise: ethics, ethics and ethics. You will not be required to rewrite the book. We will explain our methods to you and you will be asked to implement them. Of course, ingenuity and inventiveness are always welcome (that is what our business is based on!) and your novel ideas will be considered at length. But you will not be required to formulate a business plan of your own. That has already been done for you.      

Your compensation will be based upon your performance. But the difference between us and the standard real estate organization is that your income can start immediately. In fact, it is expected that you will earn significant dollars in your very first week. You can easily generate a six figure income. Very little prior experience is necessary.
What makes our company so fabulous is that you are bringing a very badly needed service to hundreds of people. But while you do so you receive almost daily instant gratification knowing that you have helped so many in a way that only a licensed real estate professional can. Working with us is a joy...every day you feel like a Boy Scout!!
"You guys are great!
Thanks." Beth B, Chicago.


What You Need To Do Next

 It should come as no surprise that we cannot ask every real estate agent who wishes to join us to come on board. The people we seek must not only meet our strict ethical standards but must have qualities that match those of our existing staff. We are a family striving for one goal and that commonality of interest requires that we carefully screen our new associates. The process is not a lengthy one but it does require some initial input from you. If you would like more information please contact us at

And best of luck to you!

“Just some feedback - I looked into 4-5 services similar to yours and yours is by far the cheapest, least complicated and so much more straightforward. You wouldn't believe how complicated some people have made it. I appreciate your straightforward approach!!! And...I'm a referral queen so I will be sure to tell people about you. I already told a neighbor…” Jennifer B., Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

"We have a contract and earnest money deposit from a buyer for our condo. There was no other real estate company involved and the selling price was $140,000. Could you enter this as sold? Thanks for all your help. I had a lot of calls and showings. Please e-mail if you have any questions." Les P., DesPlaines, Illinois.

"Hi - We have a contract on our home.We actually had three offers on Saturday and another yesterday. We have signed a contract and should close on August 30. Thanks for your help on this!!!!" Jim D. Lake in the Hills, Illinois.

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