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"You guys are great!" Beth B.

"You guys are the greatest.  Your help and advice were right on the mark and you went far beyond the call of duty.  I’ll be enthusiastically recommending you to friends." Cliff P.

"Your service worked for us and saved us real money on the brokers commission!  We are a satisfied customer and would be happy to be a reference for you.  We really appreciate your efforts. Thanks for all the help." Kevin B.

"I have to say - I didn't expect a response so quickly.  WOW! Have a great evening." Margaret S., Palatine, Illinois.

"Thanks for all of your help and advice.  We really appreciate the time you devoted to helping us." Howard J.

"Thanks so much!!  Your response is tremendous and appreciated!!  I will absolutely be recommending your site to friends and family..." Megan S.

"Thanks for the quick turnaround on the attorney referral.  I received an offer after just a few hours on the MLS and I needed a lawyer to walk me through the legalities of the contract and negotiations.  [Your FSBO] performed her functions very well yesterday and she came at a reasonable price. After some negotiations, we did sell the house in under 24 hours.  Unbelievable!!  So the home is now under contract to be closed on Feb 28th.  Thanks for the great service you provided. I'd refer it to anyone." Ted P. 

“Just some feedback - I looked into 4-5 services similar to yours and yours is by far the cheapest, least complicated and so much more straightforward. You wouldn't believe how complicated some people have made it. I appreciate your straightforward approach!!! And...I'm a referral queen so I will be sure to tell people about you. I already told a neighbor…” Jennifer B.

"Thank you for the quick replies and particularly for your accountability. It's rare to find someone like you." Mark K.

"Accepted the contract. Please change the listing to pending contract. Thanks for the support. Your site has been excellent." Ray D.

"I am referring a friend, Lorenzo, who wants to list with you! I know you will be very helpful as you were with me!" Karen P.

"We have a contract and earnest money deposit from a buyer for our condo. There was no other real estate company involved and the selling price was $140,000. Could you enter this as sold? Thanks for all your help. I had a lot of calls and showings. Please e-mail if you have any questions." Les P.

"Hi - We have a contract on our home.We actually had three offers on Saturday and another yesterday. We have signed a contract and should close on August 30. Thanks for your help on this!!!!" Jim D. 

"FYI, we accepted an offer on our house pending an inspection & attorney review. I thought it might not be a bad idea to update our listing on MLS when you have a minute. Thanks. P.S. I think your service worked great! Our house sold in less then 2 weeks." Tim M.

"After reviewing your web site and checking your credentials, our staff has decided that you are of the professional caliber of people we would like to see represent the Real Estate Pros organization. Your web site is of the utmost professional quality, and provides everything a consumer would need to know about your business and the areas you serve. Congratulations on a nice job!" Staff, Internet Consumer Group.

"Thank you so much for your help.  This service is awesome, I've recommended it to several people in the neighborhood and at work.  Thank you again for all your help." Pete F.

"Here is the picture of the house (finally). The Jr. High by the house is Carl Sandburg Middle School. Thank you for all of the help, you are very tolerant and your service is great!" John K.

"We closed our house today (Dec/12/2002) and buyer agent was paid the 1% compensation per MLS. Please update the MLS to closed status. Your site is excellent and it does work. I will refer you to as many of my friends that plan to sell their homes." Raj D.

"I have a listing with you and we signed a contract yesterday, Sunday, December 15, 2002. Thanks for this great service and please call me if you have any questions." Francisco D.

"Hey, Best News! SOLD. Thanks for the service...It was effective for SURE. I will surely recommend (as I already have been). Happy Holidays." Ken K.

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