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We have been able to generate and then sustain exponential growth in our business because we pride ourselves on our unsurpassed service, ethics and responsiveness to our clients' needs.  That has resulted in several industry innovations with new ones being added on a constant basis. That is why at least 50% of our business is from referrals and why developers, investors and builders come back to us for our services time after time after time.

And that is why almost daily we receive inquiries from others around the country to be their "partners." They have seen our approach and--like our clients--love it!

Which brings us to our latest innovation. Our success means that we can now offer you a Guarantee. Yes, read that word carefully. It means what it says. Your listing is covered by a RISK-FREE, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you do not sell your home using our service and cancel your listing to list with a full-commission broker who is an approved Affiliated FSBO Realtorô you get your listing fee returned in full at closing. But the guarantee does not stop there. You can use the broker of your choice and the guarantee still applies provided that we first contact the broker for you to get a referral fee (if you contact him first there is no guarantee). You can't beat that guarantee anywhere!